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Grain Cleaners

Removing impurities and sub-standard grains from the bulk of your harvest can be the easiest way to improve the return for all of the hard work growing the crop. Being rejected from receival points is frustrating, time consuming and costly. You can eliminate all of this frustration by making a habit of cleaning your seed before storage or delivery. Relying on outside contractors to clean your seed for you simply adds a whole new level of frustration to the process. Take charge of your seed quality using one of our seed cleaners, there are different models and manufacturers to provide the best fit for your needs. Customvac has been involved in the seed cleaning industry for many years now and have tailored our product offering to what will suit the Australian climate and the crops grown here.





Kwik Kleen Grain Cleaner

Since it’s release in Australia in 2011, the Kwik-Kleen Grain Cleaner has become an industry-leader amongst grain cleaning equipment. With units now in use by growers & grain traders in many areas of Australia, it has become the most cost-effective addition to their business for years. Reports from Kwik Kleen owners show screening rates of better than a tonne per minute are regularly achieved with cereal grain. For many growers this means they can clean contaminated grain direct from field before delivering into on-site storages or grain trucks. That’s a big advantage compared with storing trash and weed seeds.

Only 5% screenings in a 100t silo means up to 5 tonne of screenings.
Or for 10 silos, that could mean up to 50t of extra storage capacity.

Other big benefits claimed by users include much cleaner environment within the storage, less risk of hot-spots & moulding, and less damage by grain insects. A bonus of clean grain is that grain aeration systems protect grain quality more efficiently when contaminants, husk and dust are no longer present. And an unexpected find reported by some growers has been large numbers of grain insects in screenings from grain straight off the paddock. Organic producers reap extra benefit by removing large quantities of weed seed often found in crops that aren’t sprayed-out.

From canola to broad beans is possible with the wide range of round-hole and slotted perforated screens available for the Kwik-Kleen. By fitting brush augers inside the tubular screens, an even wider range of grain cleaning solutions can be offered. The machine is not meant to be a grader or scalper, but with some modifications and in the right situation has been used to perform these operations as well. In its standard form the machine operates from the tractor hydraulics. Electric & hydraulic power-pack drive options are also available.

GCS Grain Cleaner

The fan powered “GCS” grain cleaner revolutionises seed cleaning as we know it today by providing technology that brings simplicity, low initial cost and low energy consumption to the farming industry. Not having to deal with any type of screens enables the end user to spend more time on farming and other value adding activities. The ease of transition from one crop to another is really taking the complexity out of grain cleaning and puts the farmers in a position of power and control over their crops.

Often customers turn to the GCS Grain Cleaner when nothing else can solve their problems. Whether it is a vomitoxin or aflatoxin issue in the US, pinched or light sorghum seed in Australia or a fusarium problem in Canada, GCS grain cleaners are giving farmers the tools necessary to combat those difficult circumstances. Flexibility of the machines provides our customers with capability to separate out the infested grains and navigate around some of those serious conditions present in their grains and still end up with great results after running the product through the seed cleaner.

The GCS model range includes machines capable of effectively cleaning from 5 tonne/hour up to 60 tonne/hour with most models including a bonus scalper to clean oversize product from the sample before sending it through the normal cleaning process. There is also a freestanding scalper available that can clean large quantities of grain if that is all you require.