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Grainsafe Aeration Fan Control

To continue to make the most of every opportunity, Australian farmers are having to operate larger properties with smaller windows of opportunity and harsher penalties for imperfections. Gone are the days of harvesting your crop and delivering it straight to the bulk depot and collecting your cheque.

In the modern market grain buyers are becoming ever more focused on the quality of the grain and the reliability of supply from individual farmers. They do not want to have to operate at all hours, on all days to accept your delivery. More to the point, in a lot of cases they do not even want you to deliver to them at all. This change has meant that it now falls to the farmer to safely store his grain, free from insects and at the correct moisture levels, until such time as the buyer wants to take possession.


Protect stored grain & seed against heating, moisture and insect damage


  • Earlier start of harvesting operations
  • More harvesting hours each day
  • Grain QUALITY protected during storage
  • Lower-risk holding of over-moisture grain


The Grainsafe 7000 Aeration Fan Controller monitors ambient air temperature & humidity at the storage site. It uses this information to decide when to run aeration fans on grain storages. The controller generates INDEPENDENT fan-control signals for each storage/silo. These signals control hardware supplying electricity to fans.


GRAINSAFE 7000 Aeration Fan Controller

On auto-control, the unit selects the ‘best available’ air (based on ‘wet-bulb’ temperature) to protect grain & seed quality after harvest and during storage. The system uses both temperature AND humidity in it’s decision-making. This ‘Wet-Bulb-Temperature’ control allows more effective protection of grain than systems which use ‘dry-bulb’ temperature.

Features of the Grainsafe 7000 aeration fan controller include:

  • Large-format TOUCHSCREEN for operator control interface
  • Independent control of each storage on both Manual & Automatic
  • A Full-Auto mode to manage aeration from harvest through to out-load
  • Built in time-delays between storages to reduce start-up current demand
  • Optional DRY function - Only suits HIGH air-flow-rates ‘drying silos’
  • Pre-programmed air-flow-rate for each storage to control fan-run-hours
  • Simple upgrading/trouble-shooting via USB port on front panel
  • OPTIONAL remote access via wi-fi or mobile broadband if available at the site


GRAINSAFE 7000 Aeration Fan Control Cabinet


Most sites purchase a pre-assembled FAN CONTROL CABINET which includes a Grainsafe 7000 aeration fan controller. These cabinets are individually designed to best suit site needs. Fan-control cabinets include:

  • Electrical hardware (e.g. contactors/overloads) installed & pre-wired
  • Lockable door/s & personal-safety-protection hardware
  • Site electrician supplies & installs any hardware required outside the cabinet e.g. cabling & isolating switches. Electrician runs power (mains or GenSet) into cabinet & cabling to individual silos.

With the growing demand for storage facilities and the need for easy, all weather access to silo complexes, it is becoming more common for silo complexes to be off the grid totally and rely on generators for their power supply. The Grainsafe 7000 Aeration Control Cabinet can incorporate hardware to not only run the controller from the 12 volt battery of the generator but also remotely start the generator at the required time and shut it down afterwards. We also include a solar panel and charging regulator to ensure that the battery of the generator remains fully charged at all times. This can also be a viable alternative when your power supply is too small for the fans needed on large silos.

It is also possible to combine control of other storage facility machinery, such as out-load augers, floor sweeps and milling machinery, into the cabinet to produce a one stop control cabinet for the entire facility.

Control additional machinery from the one cabinet