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Aeration Systems

Aeration protects quality by passing controlled amounts of air through stored grain. It stabilises temperature and moisture levels, prevents localised temperature increases or 'hot spots' and discourages moisture migration.  


Pneumatic Conveyors

Agri-Vac Conveyor

Agri-Vac pneumatic conveyors set high standards in health and safety. Their powerful vacuum action makes life easier and safer for workers - efficient grain removal without the shovelling and dust. Unlike other conveying systems, which have dangerous moving parts that can cause injury, with an Agri-Vac air does all the work. Agri-Vac Units offer high levels of flexibility and are capable of transferring product in any direction over long distances.  




Ultra-Veyor Conveyor

Ultra-Veyor pneumatic transfer systems allow maximum flexibility in your grain and feed conveying needs. The blowline components are far more flexible and require less structural support than mechanical systems. The operational equipment can easily be located in accessible areas for maintenance.




Central-Vac Systems

Central-Vac systems are custom designed to your plant needs and are designed for general housekeeping and larger spill collection. The system allows operators to maintain the factory in optimum condition providing improved working conditions and removing potential explosion risk. Improved plant cleanliness also aids in reducing insect activity likely to affect finished product quality and increase product loss. The system can be designed for single or multi level installations.  


Bulk Feed Delivery

Feed Delivery Systems

Walinga is the largest manufacturer of purpose-built pneumatic feed delivery systems across Canada, USA & Europe. Customvac offers feed delivery operators in Australia an unbeatable mix of quality equipment, innovation & personal service. 


Ultra Lite Bulk Feed Delivery & Truck Bins

The Walinga® Ultra-Lite Tanker Trailer features non-pressurised, non-tipping feed and grain delivery. It combines features and advantages from standard aluminium tipper trailers and steel pressure tankers in one light-weight delivery trailer.